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best celtic harmonica tabs & chords

41 tabs found
Name Author Type Key Difficulty Action
Irish Washerwoman 2 Unknown Diatonic G Beginner Tab
Big Sciota Tony Eyers Diatonic G Expert Tab
The rising of the moon Turlough 0\\ Diatonic C Beginner Tab
nos 20 ans French traditional Any Any Any Tab
Coming Through The Rye Robert Burns Diatonic Any Beginner Tab
The Last Rose of Summer Celtic Woman Diatonic Eb Any Tab
Downstream Raymond Basnicki Chromatic C Intermediate Tab
Ar Eirinn Ni Neofainn Ce Hi Liam Clancy and many others Any Any Beginner Tab
Scotland the brave (complete) Cliff Hanley Diatonic C Any Tab
Scotland The Brave - Familiar Unknown Diatonic Any Beginner Tab
Parting Glass ( for Melody Maker ) Dubliners Pogues Melody Maker Any Any Tab
Tha mi sgith Scottish Air Diatonic C Beginner Tab
Tri Martolod Breton trad. Diatonic C Any Tab
An Alac'h Breton trad. Diatonic C Beginner Tab
Les Filles des Forges Breton trad. Diatonic C Beginner Tab
Just A Song At Twilight (chrom) Celtic Thunder Chromatic F Any Tab
Roamin` In The Gloamin` (Chorus) Harry Lauder Diatonic C Any Tab
Peggy O`Neill The Fireside Singers Diatonic C Any Tab
Red Haired Boy Unknown Melody Maker Any Any Tab
Off She Goes Unknown Melody Maker Any Any Tab
Inisheer Buttons & Bows Any G Any Tab
Midnight on the Water Luke Thomason Chromatic A Any Tab
Blackest Crow Unknown Any C Any Tab
Time To Go (Intro) Dropkick Murphys Diatonic C Any Tab
The Last Knight Unknown Diatonic Any Any Tab
GALWAY BAY (chrom c ) arthur colahan Chromatic C Any Tab
Outlawed Tunes On Outlawed Pipes (Braveheart) James Horner Diatonic G Beginner Tab
Dark Island Traditional Scottish Diatonic Any Beginner Tab
Highland Cathedral Ulrich Roever and Michael Korb Chromatic C Intermediate Tab

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