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best solo harmonica tabs & chords

82 tabs found
Name Author Type Key Difficulty Action
MASTERPIECE Sir. Andrew the Great Any Any Intermediate Tab
The man who sold the world David Bowie Diatonic Any Beginner Tab
And When I Die (intro) Blood Sweat and Tears Any Any Any Tab
Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard - Solo Paul Simon Diatonic D Beginner Tab
Good Riddance/Time Of Your Life (solo) Green Day Diatonic G Beginner Tab
Like A Rolling Stone (Solo) Bob Dylan Diatonic F Beginner Tab
What I Like About You (Solo) Romantics Diatonic A Beginner Tab
Candy Man (solo intro) Roy Orbison Any Any Beginner Tab
Candy Man (full harp solo) Roy Orbison Any Any Expert Tab
Spokey Dokey (Yoko Kano) Ryuchiro Sanoo ? Diatonic D Expert Tab
You ve Got To Hide Your Love Away - Solo Beatles Diatonic G Beginner Tab
Helpless (The Last Waltz) Neil Young Diatonic Any Beginner Tab
Two Coins (harp solo) Dispatch Diatonic G Beginner Tab
Into The Next Sun (solos) The Soundtrack of Our Lives Diatonic Any Intermediate Tab
From Me To You (solos) The Beatles Diatonic Any Beginner Tab
Love Me Do (harp parts) The Beatles Diatonic Any Beginner Tab
Candy Man (intro ver2) Roy Orbison Diatonic Any Beginner Tab
Thrasher (intro & solo) Neil Young Diatonic D Intermediate Tab
Desire's Only Fling - Solo Matt Costa Any G Beginner Tab
Sabre Dance solo Dave Edmunds Any Any Beginner Tab
Knockin on heavens door (harp solo) Bob Dylan & Tom Petty (Dualing Banjos) Diatonic C Any Tab
Long Train Runnin - Solo Doobie Brothers Diatonic Eb Intermediate Tab
lizards hole frank straight Diatonic C Beginner Tab
let me go lover kathy kirby Diatonic C Beginner Tab
No llores por mi Argentina Andrew Lloyd Webber Diatonic C Beginner Tab
LA Woman (piano solo) The Doors Any Any Intermediate Tab
Hand in My Pocket Alanis Morissette Diatonic G Any Tab
Another roud Foo Fighters Diatonic C Intermediate Tab
Heart of Gold (2 solos) Niel Young Diatonic G Intermediate Tab
Long, Long Time Ago Javier Navarrete, Pan's Labyrinth Diatonic C Beginner Tab

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